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Episode 11 Echoes

After many nights exchanging stories Sareen tries to explain to Effie why the Sodality ended up exiled on Ceres. The answer is not something that Effie easily accepts and it changes her feelings toward Sareen and the Allusions. Meanwhile a Sodality exploration team finds an abandoned project that holds the possibility of an escape from the tiny ice world.

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The Four Keys – Pt.1

Episode 10 The Four Keys - Pt.1

Maya, Adrian, and Tim arrive in a new world that Tim feels is vaguely familiar. Before they figure out where they are or how they got there, they are mistaken for fleeing labourers and chased by a disagreeable lord. A member of the Merchant Guild intervenes and helps them escape, only to deliver them back into harms way.

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Orph The Emerald Planet

Episode 9 Orph

Orph The Emerald Planet is the second installment in a series of bedtime classics adapted to the Makeshift Stories universe. Based on the 1907 story by Laura E Richards The House with the golden Windows from a book of short stories with the same name, it presents the archetypal irony that grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.

Sareen tells her apprentice Fox a legend about the origins of the Sodality that she heard from Effie while Marooned on Ceres.

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Episode 8 GEAA

After being caught in the Europa Café Tim, Maya, and Adrian are flown to G.E.A.A. head office. They are told that those who see the mysterious leaders of G.E.A.A. are not allowed to leave. Facing their fears the three meet the senior G.E.A.A executive officer and find out who is behind the organization that should not exist in Tim and Adrian’s world.

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0ff Course

Episode 6

After escaping from Ceres Tim and Adrian arrive home to a foreign world where they never existed. Tim has trouble accepting the situation, but they start to learn how to survive there. When they set out on a quest to discover what went wrong they run afoul of the local authorities.

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