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  • Episode 257 Episode Artwork.Episode 257 Episode Artwork.

    A Night on the Shore of the Salton Sea (Part 1)

    After investing his fortune in life extensions, Nimit finds himself alone after losing his last friend to old age. He decides to take a road trip to Patagonia to sort […]

  • Episode 256 - ArtworkEpisode 256 - Artwork

    Winner Take All

    In an effort to please a potential investor, an entrepreneur cuts corners to develop a new microchip using human neurons. The resulting process does more than speed up development; it […]

  • 255 Episode artwork255 Episode artwork


    To follow up on a thirty-year-old story about a disappearance associated with an alien encounter, a researcher travels to a remote northern town. It soon becomes evident that the teen […]

  • Episode 254 ArtworkEpisode 254 Artwork

    The Remote

    Suffering from agoraphobia, Johannes rents bodies when he needs to go outside. Called remoting, it is a way for people with cybernetic implants to temporarily experience the world through another […]

  • Episode 249 ArtworkEpisode 249 Artwork

    Ocean Drift

    In an attempt to escape imprisonment, a genetically modified Orangutan and its human companion flee to a self-declared independent micro-nation. It doesn’t take long for them to discover there is […]

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