• Ceres Chapter 15 – Fantasma

    After failing to trap the two Aleutians, the entity that has been interfering since Janva’s arrival on Ceres, decides to take control of events on the tiny dwarf world by […]

  • Ceres Chapter 14 – Resistance

    Serene finds herself fighting for her life against a dark presence which appears to harbour a deep-rooted hatred of Aleutians. After its encounter with Serene, the presence decides it must […]

  • Ceres Chapter 13 – Intransigence

    After receiving Amos’s message and listening to Galan ignore the fact that his plan will not succeed, Merit begins to build support to stop his self-appointed leader. Meanwhile, at the […]

  • Ceres Chapter 12 – Message Received

    Research at Dehavilland Zeppelin (DZ) progresses far enough for Amos, AKA Daniel Johnson, send a message to Ceres. At first, the dwarf planet remains silent, and Amos is concerned that […]

  • Ceres Chapter 11 – Nexus

    Janva has her host Zara Patel agree to fund DZ’s space project, but Daniel Johnson aka Amos is suspicious. Sarane’s host and Tim manage to slip by head office security […]

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