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Crevasse III – Revenge

49. Crevasse III - Revenge

Marco had been top ranked in player verses player one on one in the MMO Crevasse for over a year until a nobody with GM like powers poned him. Everett, the lead designer of Crevasse, lost his job over the negative reaction to his updates in Crevasse II. Mad at the studio that creates the game, Everett leaves an Easter egg in the code for the next release that has some unexpected results during a PVP match between Marco and the player who defeated him.

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Time Shift

48. Time Shift

In 1977 Zah Helen, an undercover operative, receives a new high profile assignment to interfere with the human search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), so the efforts at one particular radio telescope will not spot a radio signal that has been accidentally sent toward the earth.

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The Caretaker of Destiny

47. The Care Taker of Destiny

An accident forces the crew of the interstellar ship Destiny to go in to hibernation while the robotic maintenance systems diagnose and fix the problems. During the emergency crucial instructions are lost causing the ship to go into orbit around around a star for 50 thousand years.

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The Top of the Sky

46. The Top of the Sky

During a period of intense solar flare activity Marianne and her family take a holiday at a remove wilderness cabin. This brings them close to a place called, the top of the sky, that some people think has mystical significance. What Marianne and her parents don’t realize, is that the top of the sky is also the destination for a group of aliens who live in the corona of the sun.

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Hale Bopp

45.Hale Bopp

In an attempt to regain its reputation as a leader in space research and exploration, the ancient Institute of Solar Studies in Babylon puts all its resources into a mission to the newly discovered comet Hale Bopp to study the object’s unusual behaviour.

The mission is a success but the outcome is not what Fath Shah, the institute’s director, had planned on.
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