Somewhere Sometime

A Crime in 3d

44. A Crime in 3D

In 1884 a school master named Edwin Abbott Abbott wrote the novella “Flatland: A Romance in Many Dimensions.” The book explored what it would be like to live in a two dimensional universe, and speculated that there might be other dimensions. The Abott’s story lay in obscurity until it was rediscovered in the early 20th century after Einstein wrote “The Theory of General Relativity” which discussed the possibility of a fourth dimension. Since then several films and animations have been made based on Abbott’s novella.

This month’s story revisits Abbott’s flat universe from the point of view of a down and out private detective in search of his first big case.

Ghost in the Machine

43. Ghost in the Machine

History is littered with discarded technologies and obsolete skills. In the last few decades whole industries have been swept away by ever moving waves of change, and it seems unavoidable that today’s high tech is destined to become tomorrow’s landfill or does it?

In our story this month new meets old, makes friends and finds something valuable in the obsolescence of the recent past.
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The Citizen’s New Town

42. The Citizen's New Town

This month’s story is very loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen short tale The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Amber is working as a stage director for the opening celebration of the project of century when her implanted communications chip starts to malfunction affecting her perception of reality.

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The Last Astronomer

41. The Last Astronomer

This month’s story is based on a comment Steven Hawkins once made, that we should probably not try to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. According to Hawkins, our own history has shown that contact between a two cultures does not always go well for the people whose land is being visited.

The last two scientists on a distant planet try to reverse the damage done to their culture by a group of suspect Aliens. The scientists eventually succeed but not through the actions they had intended to use.

All Inclusive

39. All Inclusive

Alonzo is forced to take his ailing, wealthy mother and her robotic wheel chair to an ultra expensive all inclusive health spa. The doctors and specialists told him that the legendary algae baths, unique to the exclusive beach resort of Vida Del Mar, are his mother’s best chance for recovery.

Alonzo believes that the treatment is a hoax and sets out to prove it, but accidentally finds out the algae can do a lot more than heal ill people.