Somewhere Sometime

Perspectives & the Mission

28. Perspectives & the Mission

This month we present to two short stories. In first one called, Perspectives, a routine mission is suddenly changed by a chance encounter in depth space. This story evolved out of a one of David’s writing assignments at school.

In our second story, entitled, The Mission, the leader of a multi-generally space craft reports their research findings after nearly 50 years of silence. This story grew out a conversion around Steven Hawking’s comments on the possibility of Alien Life, made at NASA’s the 50th anniversary.

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Laika – Dog From Space

26. Laika - Dog From Space

A passing celestial being is trapped by earth’s gravity and dragged reluctantly to its surface in the middle of a Moscow winter. Stranded in the body of a dog the alien being is forced to intervene in the early Russian Space program in order to get a ride home. The story is loosely based on the Sputnik 2 mission that carried a dog named Laika into space on November 3, 1957.

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The Shimmering Field

24. The Shimmering Field

Time can seem to slow down when there is nothing to do, and this was particularly true for Abeo who had been forced to endure a summer without her friends on a lonely research station. Her father and the other adults were too distracted by some unusual observations too pay attention to Abeo. One day she finds a mysterious friend her own age in a field, and her summer begins to pass quickly, but the visits of her new companion have unexpected consequences.

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The Boy Who Loved Candy

16. 22. Boy Who Loved Candy

Sometimes you can love something just a little too much. Under the influence of a mysterious dream Marco discovers that he can’t stop eating candy and begins to grow to alarming proportions.
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