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Who said a G rated podcast can’t be any good? The stories told here are thought provoking, fun, and clean. You have my highest recommendation. Thank you and keep up the good work.








United StatesUnited States2018-09-155P.TwoBearsReally well done overallThey can vary in length and quality, BUT if you are looking for a story podcast that will consistently treat you right and not disappoint, this is it. I LOVE the feeling behind this podcast. It is utterly FREE of the ironic snarkiness that seems to be de rigur in all the others.
United StatesUnited States2018-06-175Mommabird25Great All Around ListeningThis is a great podcast, and there’s a genius at work within it. I listen to just about every story generated Sci Fi podcast on the net, and there are many good ones, but this one is consistently great, while others are hit and miss. Let me repeat...real genius. Not everyone and not all the time, but one of the writers is so far above most writers, his stuff is like listening to gold. I believe it’s the father. I can even tell when he’s edited the other writers stuff. There will be glimmers of his genius reflecting in their more average stuff...but ever their average stuff is great! I started listening in 5/18, so I found the podcast with over 100 episodes. The stories are all independent of each other, but some of them have a theme that connects them. That can be a bit confusing. This is my favorite. It’s safe for all ages to listen. It’s... Not violent Not morbid Not gross Interesting Educational Fun More fun And fun again
United StatesUnited States2017-07-185Boojum!I Can't Believe I have Never Rated Before, 5 StarsThis podcast is't easy to put into a specific genre though it tends toward Sci-Fi which is great by me. I have listened for years and I can say that they have good stories that are engaging and silghtly different from other genre podcasts. Listen, you won't be sorry, I honestly can't believe I hadn't reviewed before, sorry.
United StatesUnited States2016-12-025KennyiMacGreat for the whole familyWho said a G rated podcast can’t be any good? The stories told here are thought provoking, fun, and clean. You have my highest recommendation. Thank you and keep up the good work.
United StatesUnited States2015-10-275Uncle SnortA slightly gentler, but equally insighful Twilight Zone.Very enjoyable, and thought provoking stories. I think Rod Serling would be impressed.
United StatesUnited States2015-01-095Chuck NobleExcellent storiesI discovered this podcast randomly, years ago. I continue to come back and listen. The stories are pretty consistently interesting and well composed, and well read. It is one of the better podcasts available for short fiction.
United StatesUnited States2011-05-315D@vE,ionThe best story I have ever had the pleasure of hearingYou need to listen to this. This fantasy story is by far the best story I have ever herd. 🙂 if u like Scifi, or fiction, or even Harry potter u will like this garrentied
United StatesUnited States2010-12-184NRCampbellFun and interestingThis package of stories brings you around the universe and back. While it is often strange and has it's moments of over the topness. All and all the stories are fun and entertaining. I enjoy being brought out of my world into theirs for any where from 10-30 mins. Not amazing but good enough!
United StatesUnited States2010-12-125TerrorXNovaGreat Podcast!A highly immersive universe that covers all ranges of topics; from inteligent life on other planets to where your other socks goes when it dissappears in the wash. A mix of science fiction and modern fables, this podcast is one of my all time favorites!
United StatesUnited States2010-10-033kjones00Hit and missAfter randomly picking a few stories here to listen to, they vary greatly in length and quality. Some are sub- 10 minutes, while others are over 30. Some are pretty straightforward and fairly interesting, others are confusing and don't really seem to "go anywhere". Tough to make a call, stories go between 2 and 4 stars so I'll go 3. It's read by a computer, but the TTS program used here is loads better than the typical freebie compu-voice heard in some other podcasts. At first it could pass for a real human, but listen a while and you'll hear some words that aren't said quite right, or odd pacing in a sentence that gives it away.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2013-10-165Elza MMakeshift storiesBrilliant. I particularly like the variety of story lines. There is a real family effort in getting these stories out each month. Some episodes have 3 generations contributing to the making of a series. The variety of voices makes these stories very entertaining. My favourite characters are Evie, and Amos. Some of the episodes had me in stitches. Luki and company are a laugh a minute, particularly the missing socks episodes. Lately the episodes have moved into single stories. I particularly liked the different series. I can't wait for the writers to dream up some more story lines for my favourite characters. Please keep up the good work. Very entertaining and fun for all ages.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2012-07-214Cybermouse Good storiesVery good stories marred by one small area. They need to be read by a variety of voices. The voice reading them is precise and clear. Almost too precise and clear, the way someone speaking English as a second language might enunciate. That said, the style detracts from any passion there may be in the text and after a while the stories begin to blend together because of it. Can't fault the diction, I just miss the passion. But the tales ARE good Bill
GermanyGermany2018-08-314pzwackEnglish original stories for teens and adultsI like the work of Alan V Hare for easy listening, many evolve up to a nice twist in the story telling, nicely done. I see a hickup in the Apple Podcast feed, the website is 2 Stories ahead.
CanadaCanada2018-12-315@luizacamposA pleasure to listen toVery creative and captivating
CanadaCanada2018-12-275Lubel80Fun and cleverSuch a fun and clever podcast!
CanadaCanada2018-01-285Lilsun27Awesome Podcast!Great stories & I love the First big story & that it’s continued with Ceres!
CanadaCanada2017-12-245Terence C. GannonIt's Right Out of the Golden Age of RadioI recently met Makeshift Story’s producer—Vern Hume AKA Alan V. Hare—and he talked about how podcasting is bringing back the golden age of radio—a time and a place where the listener was called upon to use their imagination when listening. I couldn’t agree more and I had forgotten how great that was. So for some brand new, old time theatre-of-the-mind, check out Makeshift Stores.
CanadaCanada2017-12-175seenandheardyegImpressive body of workWhat an incredible collection of creativity! You can dip in for short stories, just long enough and definitely engaging enough to entertain you through a chore or a walk, or you can envelop yourself in one of the serials for a deeper experience. Great voicing, too!
CanadaCanada2015-10-175Slade wAwesome podcastEnjoyed all the stories up till now, sad it's only monthly, keep up the great work!!
CanadaCanada2015-05-295DBowman19Makeshift Stories should be on your device!If you are interested in Speculative Fiction, you need to listen to Makeshift Stories. With 90 minute stories now available, the series paints a picture of the future and the near now that challenge pre-conceptions and describes alternative futures that offer hope in some cases and despair in others. Immediately likable characters, advanced technology, time travel and space flight are all backdrops for a range of tales that will make you want to listen to them all. Short Wave and Forty Five Minutes are two of my favourites. Give Makeshift Stories a try.
CanadaCanada2012-07-165Reforged1Great job!Keep up the good work
CanadaCanada2011-09-135MistiivegaAwesome!!I have enjoyed all the stories so far! Keep up the great work!! Michelle