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    A Mystery Solved

    In the relentless pursuit of podcasting stardom, Damon will stop at nothing to propel his enigmatic mystery podcast to the summit of success. When a mysterious marketing company extends a […]

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    Lumo, a young teen from a small town, heads south to the city to find work but discovers the only jobs available are in an e-waste recycling yard. He is […]

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    Kill Switch

    In a twist of fate, a university dropout finds themselves catapulted into the heart of technological intrigue. Seduced by the allure of a data center gig offering a cushy over […]

  • Episode 269 Episode ArtEpisode 269 Episode Art

    The Heat Chaser

    In order to gain notoriety, a billionaire becomes obsessed with recording the world’s hottest air temperature. As a result of his hubris, he finds himself in a race with a […]

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    Employee 17

    Unable to return to Earth, Satya has toiled tirelessly, dreaming of retirement at one of the moon’s vibrant new vacation hotels. But fate has other plans in store. When the […]

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