• Episode art for 201 Escape Velocity

    Redux – Escape Velocity

    Two young people from a moon orbiting the second planet around Barnard’s Star end up in the same escape pod. On the surface, they are from opposing political systems but […]

  • 197 Redux - Short Wave

    Redux – Short Wave

    While sorting through her deceased uncle’s belongings, Lynn discovers a shoebox of notes documenting an unusual encounter in 1956 on his ham radio. If true, the incident would change the […]

  • Redux – Forty-five Minutes

    Ada awakens on a deserted space station as its solar cells begin to catch the sun and bring power, heat and light back to its cold interior. Although she knows […]

  • Redux – Laika

    On November 3rd, nineteen fifty-seven, the Soviet Union launched the first living creature into orbit; a stray dog named Laika pulled out of a Moscow animal shelter. The Sputnik II […]

  • Redux – Doctor Plastic

    Woken by his barking dog in the middle of the night Frank can’t get back to sleep. Noticing a drawing which has hung in his dining room for decades, he […]

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