The Other Story

Hole in Space – Part 2

After being sucked into a wormhole, created when Luki used Len’s unfinished hyper dry modification to the ship’s clothes dryer, the crew of the Hyper Nova are stranded on a strange planet called Atma, which is being smothered in lost laundry.

Hole in Space

Life on board the Hyper Nova begins to settle down into a routine until a number of random events collide with one of Len’s pet projects causing the ship and its crew to get sucked into a hole in space.

Hyper Nova

16. 21. Hyper Nova

Luki is given his first true command of a star ship and is immediately plunged into a major mission. With the help of his less than loyal crew he completes the assignment but inadvertently creates a new potential problem.
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16. 19. Voluntold

During what turns out to be an extremely slow side trip to the home planet of two rogue space probes, Ada receives a coded message that orders them to stop what they are doing and launch a rescue mission to pick up an important executive officer. Reluctantly Luki and Len then set out in a shuttle to pick up their mysterious passenger.

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Episode12 – Luki – The Other S…

Episode12 – Luki – The Other Story – first part in a secondary branch in our story.