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Explore, space-time, alternate realities, the near future and the unexplained, in a unique genre-crossing blend of original stories for all ages ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to magic realism.

Dairy of an Unintentional Extraordinary Life, Four – Birthday Biohack

Doctor Slow-mo tries to outdo his grandmother, aka Cerebral, by giving his six-year-old niece a DIY CRISPR home gene-editing kit as a birthday present. But

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Diary of an Unintentional Extraordinary Life, Three – Team Building

After a somewhat disastrous encounter, a client sues Doctor Slow-mo and three other superheroes. As part of the settlement, with Hero-on-the-way, the four must take

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“Very enjoyable, and thought provoking stories. I think Rod Serling would be impressed.”