• Ceres Chapter 20 – Altered Reality

    The Aleutian finally arrive in force to stop the entity aligned against Janva and Serene. Finding a debris field where Terra should have been, and the thoughts of only one […]

  • Ceres Chapter 19 – Status Report

    In a desperate attempt to save Ceres Johnson admits to Janva that he is the transmuted Triffel leader Amos and proposes an alliance. Janva realizes the situation is beyond her […]

  • Ceres Chapter 18: Maya

    Maya finds herself imprisoned on an experimental spacecraft with Tim and Simone (aka Serene), heading to the asteroid belt. Simone reveals her true identity and the fact the craft they […]

  • Ceres Chapter 17: Meret

    Meret’s secret plan to sabotage Galan is discovered by the alien presence which has taken over the self-appointed Triffal leader. To pay for his betrayal Meret is imprisoned in a […]

  • Episode 141 - Ceres Opposition

    Ceres Chapter 16 – Opposition

    Rayenish decides it’s time to take a chance after Amos, AKA Daniel Johnson, asks him to remove DZ’s head scientist. After reading Merit’s message about the situation on Ceres, Amos […]

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