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    Obsession’s Algorithm

    After discovering his tenant unconscious and his rental unit in disarray, Ralph starts piecing together an unbelievable story. While recovering in the hospital, his tenant Harper—a programmer and entrepreneur—reveals her […]

  • Return to Start

    An astronomer, watching for near earth objects, makes a shocking discovery which forces Adrian out from hiding. Adrian realizes that events in the past have lead to a disaster in […]

  • Mirror Image

    Sareen is mysteriously transported back in time to a version of her home world that is not entirely correct. The planet is ruled by a group that she has never […]

  • The Endgame

    When an unexpected message from deep space turns out to be a Triffal ship Amos must change his plans and as a result he finds himself with less than a […]

  • A Turn of Events

    Imprisoned in a GEAA simulation Tim, Maya and Adrian become the focal point of two competing forces. Raymore finds the artificial intelligence and starts to get it to reveal the […]

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