Original Series

Return to Start

34. Return to Start

An astronomer, watching for near earth objects, makes a shocking discovery which forces Adrian out from hiding. Adrian realizes that events in the past have lead to a disaster in the present. He is forced to intervene and change history, but the results are not entirely what he had planned.

This episode revisits the original series from year one.

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Mirror Image

20. Mirror Image

Sareen is mysteriously transported back in time to a version of her home world that is not entirely correct. The planet is ruled by a group that she has never hear of so Sareen sets out to figure out what is going on.

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The Endgame

16. 18. The Endgame

When an unexpected message from deep space turns out to be a Triffal ship Amos must change his plans and as a result he finds himself with less than a day to locate his missing artificial intelligence, wrap up his work and be extracted by the rescue team. Amos looks for Raymore to help him with his new plans, but he finds that mysteriously Raymore has entered the simulated world were apparently he has trapped the renegade artificial intelligence.

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A Turn of Events

16. A Turn of Events

Imprisoned in a GEAA simulation Tim, Maya and Adrian become the focal point of two competing forces. Raymore finds the artificial intelligence and starts to get it to reveal the encryption keys to Amos’ secret research, however he is distracted by an unexpected event.

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A.I. Dreams

16. A.I. Dreams

AI Dreams is the third installment in a series of bedtime classics adapted to the Makeshift Stories universe. In this episode, loosely based on the popular folktale of the Ginger Bread Boy, Amos creates an artificial intelligence that escapes taking his secrete research with it. Distraught Amos enlists Raymore to help him, but Raymore has other plans.

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