Hole in Space – Part 2

16. 29. A Hole in Space

After being sucked into a wormhole, created when Luki used Len’s unfinished hyper dry modification to the ship’s clothes dryer, the crew of the Hyper Nova are stranded on a strange planet called Atma, which is being smothered in lost laundry. The local inhabitants, who are ungulate like creatures with three legs, believe that the Hyper Nova is was sent from the great sky herd in answer to their pleas to stop the down pour of unwanted hoof warmers. Opick, the herd leader, is convinced that Luke could not possibly be the sky Alpha they have been waiting for and holds him captive. Len, Zara and ADA are then forced to improvise a way to negotiate a solution.

Program Notes And Credits

Background audio textures and sound effects:
Mars: The Planets Suite licensed from Premiumbeat.
Sound FX and background textures from SoundSnap.

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