The Sodality

Episode 4 The Sodality

Margot’s unexpected return to Ceres creates an opportunity for Amos and Tim to make a highly risky escape. After regaining her memory Margot (A.K.A Sareen) intends to go after Tim so she can send him home, but Effie informs Sareen that Amos and Tim’s chance of surviving their trek is next to nil and if Effie is right Margot will never be able to leave Ceres.

Program Notes And Credits

All background audio textures and sound effects were made in Acid Music Studio or Garage Band except as noted below.
Sound FX and textures from SoundSnap.

Additional sounds from Free Sound Project.

  • By man (
  • By hammerklavier (
    G2. Estonian Bells-Octave Lower.aif (
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