The Thaumaturgist

90 Thaumaturgist

In this month’s story Illusio, a veteran TV illusionist who is struggling to keep himself interested in his profession is confronted by an eager amateur magician named Dai. When Dai tries to unravel the mystery behind Ilusio’s unusual act, the older magician brushes the annoying upstart off, but inadvertently finds himself becoming fascinated by the simple tricks the youth performs. Envious of the younger magician’s enthusiasm and sense of wonder, Illusio makes the young illusionist an offer that he cannot refuse.

Program Notes And Credits

Opening and closing music by David Hume

Written and Narrated by Alan V Hare

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Podcast Awards

2022 Canadian podcast awards
15 Years Podcasting Badge Podcast Listens (1,000,000) Badge Single Episode Listens (10,000) Badge Countries Reached (150+) Badge