Life Speed


Could life be measured by how far it has traveled? Possibly, after all time and space are intimately connected. Time slows down as you approach the speed of light and it’s been frequently postulated this could be a time machine of sorts that would allow one to travel to the future. But time just below the speed of light does not entirely stop. For example at 99 percent of C time dilation is only a factor of seven. You would still age, just seven times slower, and there would be an ultimate distance you could travel in one lifespan.

In this month’s story, a downed pilot is saved from certain death on an isolated island by aliens and is taken on a trip to see their world. The only problem is that even at 99 percent of the speed of light the trip will take longer than the pilot’s remaining life.

Program Notes And Credits

Written by Alan V Hare

Read by Mitchell Tew

Opening and closing music by David Hume

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