• Episode 256 - Artwork

    Winner Take All

    In an effort to please a potential investor, an entrepreneur cuts corners to develop a new microchip using human neurons. The resulting process does more than speed up development; it […]

  • Led Astray

    Three astronauts, part of an international mission to land on the moon, are pushed off course by what they initially suspect is a mechanical or electrical problem. But after being […]

  • Ceres Chapter 20 – Altered Reality

    The Aleutian finally arrive in force to stop the entity aligned against Janva and Serene. Finding a debris field where Terra should have been, and the thoughts of only one […]

  • One Day

    A down on their luck AI trainer struggles to make ends meet. One day, at the height of a medical crisis brought on by stresses imposed through the circumstances she […]

  • Ceres Chapter 19 – Status Report

    In a desperate attempt to save Ceres Johnson admits to Janva that he is the transmuted Triffel leader Amos and proposes an alliance. Janva realizes the situation is beyond her […]

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