Somewhere Sometime

  • The Last Astronomer

    This month’s story is based on a comment Steven Hawkins once made, that we should probably not try to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. According to Hawkins, our own history has shown […]

  • All Inclusive

    Alonzo is forced to take his ailing, wealthy mother and her robotic wheel chair to an ultra expensive all inclusive health spa. The doctors and specialists told him that the […]

  • Dreams of a Life

    Aura lives with her mother and brothers making a modest living from a concession stand. Her life in the themed dome park called Timber World is thrown into chaos when […]

  • Lifeboat

    With the first Moon landings in the late 1960’s many may have felt that a Mars mission was no too far off, but since that time no human has left […]

  • C-11’s Quest

    An automated planetary mission goes awry when it is hit by solar flares. Unit C-11 one of the landing group’s communication nodes attempts to repair its damaged memory with information […]

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