Poisoned (Part 2)

In pursuit of a lead on his stock market investigation, Wil receives a promising tip that points directly to a suspect. Yet, as he delves deeper, the trail dissolves into a frustrating dead end. Just when he least expects it, the mastermind responsible for the perplexing market crash emerges, but in an unforeseen turn, the perpetrator cunningly outwits Wil and vanishes. Despite the suspect’s escape, Wil’s client remains undeterred, offering an exceedingly generous sum for his efforts as long as he remains silent. Bound by this agreement, Wil finds himself torn between his principles and the allure of financial gain.




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Written by Alan V Hare.

Read by Steve Peterson.

Opening and closing were composed and created by Matthew Erdmann.

Produced by Makeshift Studios

Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution, no derivative license. This means you are free to share our stories just remember to credit us.

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