Solar Storm (Part 2)

After Mary’s pioneering groundbreaking method for forecasting solar flares forewarns of an apocalypse-level catastrophe, she grapples with the daunting task of validating her chilling prediction. She turns to an old colleague and friend to confirm her work, revealing it came from a dream, but insists it is accurate. Her friend encourages Mary not to go public until there is confirmation. Mary, dissatisfied with her friend’s advice, risks her career and friendships to warn the world of the impending disaster, only to be ignored.



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Written by Alan V Hare.

Read by Kathleen Connolly.

Opening and closing were composed and created by Matthew Erdmann.

Produced by Makeshift Studios

Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution, no derivative license. This means you are free to share our stories just remember to credit us.

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