The Alien’s Gift

To reignite interest in an interstellar flight to TRAPPIST 1, mission control has ordered its Captain to host a monthly live public question-and-answer show. As the questions progress, it becomes apparent that the ship is headed to a world with life. Despite uncertainties about the planet’s delicate flora and fauna, the crew is determined to explore and potentially colonize the new world. However, the Captain and mission appear to be hiding a critical fact.



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Written by Alan V Hare.

Read by Kathleen Connolly and Alan V Hare.

Opening and closing were composed and created by Matthew Erdmann.

Fake podcast theme in the story was generated by Udio beta at udio dot com.

Static sound effect and ship background sound from, other effects from Vecada Studios.

Produced by Vecada Studios

Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution, no derivative license. This means you are free to share our stories just remember to credit us.

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