The Test Subject

Tarak, hoping to earn some extra money, joins a telepathy study at the Center for Extrasensory Research. Initially skeptical, he finds the process simple enough: meditate and report any visions. But strange occurrences follow—memory lapses, inexplicable purchases, and headaches. When he discovers mysterious implants in his neck, he seeks medical help. Returning to the center, he finds it empty. His neck implants vanish. Meanwhile, suspicions arise about his involvement in a data center breach. As Tarak grapples with these mysteries, he realizes he’s entangled in something far larger and more sinister than a simple telepathy study.



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Written by Alan V Hare.

Read by Steve Peterson.

Opening and closing were composed and created by Matthew Erdmann.

Produced by Makeshift Studios

Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution, no derivative license.

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Podcast Awards

2022 Canadian podcast awards
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