• 200 Miles Per Gallon

    In an alternate 1977, where the oil embargo has become permanent, a young mechanic with a gambling habit has invented an alternative way to burn fuel and end the energy […]

  • Episode 265 - Episode Artwork

    The Chronovisor

    An elderly scientist, named Leonardo Moretti, claims he has built a version of a restricted machine that allows him to see into the future and has discovered he will be […]

  • Episode 264 Episode Artwork


    Celeste’s billionaire mother founded Breakwater as a place to escape the disasters of the late 21st century. Using a gene modification, its population has been able to stop aging. The […]

  • Episode-262- Episode Art

    Quantified Love

    When two artificial general intelligences working for competing online dating services discover they share more in common than the humans they want to match, they begin to manipulate their clients […]

  • Episode 262 - Episode Artwork


    A university student makes the desperate and radical decision to alter his brain to enhance his learning ability. During his search, he finds a biohacker who tells him about a […]

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