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  • 284 Episode Artwork

    The Test Subject

    Tarak, hoping to earn some extra money, joins a telepathy study at the Center for Extrasensory Research. Initially skeptical, he finds the process simple enough: meditate and report any visions. […]

  • 283 Episode Artwork


    Alexandra, a skilled con artist, finds herself on a spaceliner en route to Mars, disguised as a lowly steward named Anita. Struggling to keep a low profile, Alexandra faces unexpected […]

  • 282 Episode Artwork

    Quality Assurance

    Vlad, an 80-year-old legally blind ward of the Zone, unwittingly becomes a key player in testing the revolutionary Mobile Assistive Transport Technology Intelligence, or Matti. As he delves into the […]

  • 281 - Episode Artwrok

    Quantum Immortality

    Rita, a scientist facing terminal illness, places her trust in an experimental device to transcend death by transferring her consciousness to another version of herself in the multiverse. She discovers […]

  • 280- Episode Artwork

    The Runaway – Lost in Cascadia

    In the gritty urban sprawl of Cascadia, a fugitive android, fleeing its creators, seeks refuge among the people living on the city streets. Forced to adopt a guise mirroring one […]

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