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The Four Keys Pt.3 – A une…

15. The Four Keys Pt.3 – A unexpected event forces Tim to make a choice that he may regret. https://makeshiftstories.com/archives/211

The Four Keys Pt.3

13. The Four Keys Pt.3

After his odd encounter with Annie, William starts pressing Tim for the information that she gave him, but Tim is left wondering who to trust. Then unexpected events – which Tim suspects are not random – place him in a situation where he is forced to make a decision that he feels he may regret. As a result his choice Tim inadvertently takes Adrian, Maya, Padget and William to the heart of the machine world.

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The Other Story – Space Ju…

14. The Other Story – Space Junk An accident sets the small group off in a new direction. https://makeshiftstories.com/archives/207

Episode 13 – The Four Keys pt….

Episode 13 – The Four Keys pt. 2 – Tim uses his new found powers to save Adrian. https://makeshiftstories.com/archives/206

The Four Keys Pt.2

13. The Four Keys Pt.2

After Adrian is shot by an arrow Tim uses his new found power to save him. As Adrian revives William insists that they all come with him to his ship before the main Elfin raiding party arrives. The small group then scrambles through the back alleys of Claring trying to reach the river front before the invaders. Narrowly escaping as the Elfin soldiers pour onto the river peer they set sail to find the first key. Once underway Tim decides to tell Maya and Adrian about his revelation.

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