Original Series


Episode 5 Solstice

Adrian finds a way to travel to Ceres and bring Tim home, but Sareen discovers what Adrian is up to and convinces Effie and the Sodality to intervene. When Adrian is confronted by Sareen  he is forced to make a quick decision with uncertain results.

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The Sodality

Episode 4 The Sodality

Margot’s unexpected return to Ceres creates an opportunity for Amos and Tim to make a highly risky escape. After regaining her memory Margot (A.K.A Sareen) intends to go after Tim so she can send him home, but Effie informs Sareen that Amos and Tim’s chance of surviving their trek is next to nil and if Effie is right Margot will never be able to leave Ceres.
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All Hallows Eve

Sareen’s plans, made over several generations, come together on “All Hallows Eve” to bring the target of her 1000 year quest to her doorstep. Adrian who has been hiding for centuries fails to see the trap being laid and inadvertently allows himself to be discovered, but no one wins and the game of cat and mouse continues.

The Escape

As Tim, the newly arrived giant, repairs the damage he caused his captor, Amos starts to explain the history of the Triffals on Ceres, however, both are captured by Amos’ enemies. An unexpected event provides an opportunity for a risky escape.

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The Arrival

Tim (a giant by local standards) finds himself on Ceres (a small and icy world) without any memory of how he got there and who he is. He has literally dropped into the middle of a conflict and is taken in by one side. Having inadvertently destroyed some of his hosts property Tim agrees to repair it in exchange of a place to sleep.